I have spent my entire career working in the field of antitrust/competition law. I started as an Antitrust Division, USDOJ trial attorney in 1980. I was promoted to Chief of the Philadelphia Field Office in 1994 and retired from government service in 2013. During my time with the Antitrust Division I conducted dozens of bid rigging investigations, and prosecuted cases through trial and conviction. As Chief, I supervised all matters in the office while still handling some cases myself. I also had input in Antitrust Division policy matters such as Corporate Leniency, Sentencing Guidelines and overall cartel practices.

After leaving the Division I practiced with one of the world’s largest law firms, then with a small group of former Antitrust Division attorneys, and now on my own. As a defense lawyer, I have successfully represented individuals in cartel investigations and other white collar matters such as securities fraud and a very interesting case where the DOJ accused (falsely) our Chinese client of importing counterfeit coins. I also work on the plaintiffs’ side assisting in class actions. I have handled several whistleblower cases which call on my skills and experiences as a government prosecutor. The common denominator in my representation is dealing with the government in an aggressive, but credible manner to achieve a win-win outcome.

Whistleblower cases have a special appeal to me.  While with the Department of Justice, I investigated and prosecuted government fraud.  I made lasting contacts with agents i the FBI, DOD and many other government agencies. As a former federal prosecutor with a reputation that today’s prosecutors can check out, I have credibility with government lawyers evaluating False Claims cases.  Because the government attorneys are generally overwhelmed with the number of False Claim filings, my background and credibility helps gets the attention of the Assistant United States Attorney for the case I am working on.

I admire people who come forward to report wrongdoing that they see and do my best to develop their claim in the best way possible, present it in a False Claim await in the most persuasive way possible and achieve the best outcome to recover damages for the fraud that has taken pace–and a settlement for the client who had the determination to bring it forward.

I have also been fortunate to be able to pursue a passion of mine—writing and speaking on cartel and compliance issues. My blog, www.cartelcapers.com, has received an ABA top blog award. I also had the honor of being quoted at length by Judge Richard Posner in Motorola Mobility v. AU Optronics, 775 F.3d 816, 826-27 (7th Cir. 2015). I have written many articles on competition compliance drawing on real life examples from my 33 years with the Antitrust Division and shorter time, now in private practice.